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Home of War Torn

3.5 D&D Campaign

Local Heroes solve murder mystery in Kingsholm!

A local band of heroes through great personal peril uncovered a killing spree committed by a long time local resident. Apparently the miller, Cloten had been inflicted with lycanthropy by a wererat some months ago causing him to begin killing on a regular basis. In order to hide his crime he had been feeding the bodies to an owlbear which the heroes slay in their investigation. Although Cloten escaped, Mia of the Sentinels seems confident the danger has passed. All is safe and order is once again restored due to the brave actions of these home town heroes.

In related news, the Mercantile Cartel assures the public the mill with be back in operation very soon. In an agreement with the town council, the Southern Sun Import Alliance has agreed to purchase the property and with the help of restitution labor to operate it at a discounted rate of only 5% in an effort to help through these hard times. All's well that ends well!